Public offer agreement

The maker Individual Entrepreneur Evstigneev Aleksey Nikolaevich (141075, Russia, Moscowskaya obl., Korolev, pr. Kosmonavtov 2, 107, INN, Taxpayer Identification Number 631704217085, OGRN, Principal State Registration Number 320508100222777, Phone number +79313343708, e-mail [email protected]) proposes to conclude a Public offer agreement.

The customer - private or corporate person.

The public offer agreement between maker and customer is considered concluded from the moment of acceptance - full payment of the order.

The maker has the right to change public offer agreement. Changes take effect 5 days from the date of publication on the website

The maker informs about the changes 5 days before the changes come into force. The client will learn about the changes by e-mail, which he left when ordering.  If the customer has not sent consent to the new conditions by e-mail 5 days in advance, the contract is considered terminated

The subject of the public offer agreement is custom-made accessories made of leather and other materials through the website.  The characteristics of the models available for order are described on the website.

The maker requests the measurements and parameters required for manufacturing from the customer by e-mail after paying for the order on the website within 3 working days.

The term for the production of the order is negotiated separately by email between the maker and the customer and is counted from the moment the customer submits in writing to [email protected] all the measurements and parameters necessary for manufacturing.

The cost of the order consists of the cost of the goods indicated on the website and the cost of delivery.  The price and possible methods of payment and delivery are indicated on the website in the "Payments and shipping".  The cost of the order does not include the commission of banks and payment systems.  The client pays the commission himself and at his own expense.  You can find out the commission when paying for your purchase.  The order value does not include customs duties and taxes of the recipient country and must be paid separately.

The E-Gift Card is not a cheque guarantee, credit or charge card.

E-Gift card can be bought via website and received by email.

E-Gift Cards currency - USD

A maximum of 1 E-Gift Card can be used per transaction.

E-Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase other E-Gift card.

E-Gift Cards cannot be refunded.

E-Gift Cards cannot be exchanged for cash.

E-Gift Cards can be used for most purchases, although at certain times exclusions may apply and maker reserves the right to amend these at any time.

E-Gift may have different validity periods.  The validity period of a particular card is indicated in the description on the website page.

Upon expiration, the card will be removed.

 The card cannot be renewed or recharged.

The maker cannot be held responsible for any balance lost on an E-Gift Card as a result of theft or fraud. The maker cannot be held responsible for the unauthorised use of your card where the E-Gift Card number have become known to another party. Replacement E-Gift Cards can be e-mailed to your registered e-mail address only.

In case of returning goods purchased using a E-Gift card, the amount paid from the E-Gift card will be returned in the form of a new E-Gift card.

The maker reserves the right to refuse to accept an E-Gift Card which it deems to have been tampered with, duplicated, damaged or which is otherwise suspected of being potentially fraudulent.

Registering your E-Gift Card involves you disclosing personal information which includes your name, address, e-mail address. Privacy Policy applies wherever you are required to provide personal information.

Delivery of orders is carried out by Russian post and its partners in recipients country.  They are responsible for the delivery time and the absence of damage.

Products of proper quality made to order according to individual sizes are not subject to exchange and return.  The customer is responsible for providing the correct measurements for the manufacture of the product.

If a defect is found, the customer must submit a claim to e-mail [email protected], provide a photo or video material confirming the defect of the product. The maker has 30 working days to investigate the claim and respond.

The pre-trial procedure for resolving disputes is mandatory.

If the customer is not satisfied with the maker's response, the customer has the right to go to court.

The jurisdiction of disputes is the Arbitration Court of the Moscow Region.

The maker and the customer do not sign acts.  Payment confirms the quality of services.

All rights to materials posted on the website belong to the maker.

The maker is not responsible for harm to health and psyche caused by the use of products.

The customer uses the products at his own risk.